Our Services


Our qualified ELECSA certified electricians can handle any domestic and commercial electrical task. We’ve been performing high-quality electrical installations, repairs and testing for years, providing clients with an efficient and friendly service.

Inspection, Testing & certification

We perform the full range of electrical installations and tests, from adding an extra power point or light fixture to a complete electrical inspection. Our team of electricians can help to ensure that every appliance in your home or business is safely installed.

Full & Partial Rewires

We can rewire all or part of your property, replacing, fixing or adding any sockets, consumer units or light switches as necessary. Whether it’s a new build, extension or upgrade, we can help. We test all electrical systems to ensure that they are working safely and effectively after the work is completed and issue certification.

Consumer Unit Upgrades

Over the last few years there have been multiple improvements in the safety and efficiency of consumer units(fuse boards). Our qualified electricians can help you replace, upgrade or install the consumer unit in your home or business for a more effective electrical system


Tripped circuits or blown fuses can occur at any time, leaving you without lights or power. Most types of electrical fault such as nuisance tripping, tripped RCD's, lighting and power faults can be diagnosed over the phone. We may be able to identify the cause and enable you to restore all or partial power. An appointment to rectify any issues can then be made at your convenience.


With an expert security systems engineer as a team leader. We offer a range of bespoke security solutions. From basic to high-end, advanced systems that can be controlled and monitored from your smart device.

Our Security Services

We can install, repair and maintain a wide collection of intruder detection systems. Alarm systems are the centre of most security systems and are the main standard for both commercial and industrial properties. Often the cost to install an intruder alarm is a small fraction of the cost of replacing property that has been stolen from your home or business.
Wireless technology has improved greatly in the recent years. Alarm systems are becoming more and more popular, especially in domestic properties due to the ease of installation with no cabling required. Modern systems can be installed to allow for alarm control and notifications directly from your mobile phone or smart device.
We also install, maintain and repair a number of CCTV systems. The presence of CCTV cameras on a property has been proven to reduce crime levels. The picture quality on these devices has vastly improved in recent years, with full HD and IP systems now available. These systems can also be controlled and monitored through your mobile phone or smart device.

Security products installed:

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